The BaCH Tech Lab uses digital technology to understand  the causes and consequences of variations in brain and cognitive functioning.  Take a look at our research page to learn more about our current projects.  Or you can go to to join the 3 million people who have already participated in one of our research studies.


April 2023

We are hiring a new research assistant! Please click here to learn more.

August 2021

Welcome to Irene Xu and Christina Wu, who join the lab as new research assistants to support our NIMH-funded Threat Sense project. Welcome also to Zoë Hawks who joins us from Washington University as a new postdoctoral fellow.

August 2020

Welcome to lots of new lab members! Dr. Shifali Singh is a clinical neuropsychologist joining us from Rush University. Dr. Singh will be working as a postdoctoral research fellow and leading our McLean Digital Neuropsychology Initiative. Also welcome to Frances Li, Laneé Jung, and Hannah Dorris who are joining as full-time research staff to support our GluCog and Threat Sense projects.

July 2020

Excited to announce the lab just received a supplement from the NIA to work with colleagues at Washington State University and Mass General to look at plasma biomarkers for Alzheimers and related dementias in our Glucog study sample.

April 2020

To help meet the demands of the Covid crisis and our changing clinical landscape, we have just launched the TestMyBrain Digital Neuropsychology Toolkit – a resource for remote/digital neuropsychological assessment that is available free of charge for clinicians and researchers affected by the Covid pandemic. Please contact for more info.

January 2020

We are officially launching Threat Sense: a new NIMH R01-funded project to build mobile measures of threat sensitivity for cross-sectional and longitudinal assessment.

November 2019

The BaCH Tech Lab is hiring again! We are looking for a full-time research assistant to start January 2020, as well as a postdoctoral research fellow to start between March and July 2020. Please get in touch if you are interested in either position!

September 2019

Welcome to Roger Strong PhD, who just joined the lab as a postdoctoral research fellow. Roger recently received his PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Harvard University where he applied computational methods to better characterize individual differences in visuospatial attention. Also welcome to Rachel Sava, PhD, who joins as the new Program Director of the Institute for Technology in Psychiatry. Rachel received her PhD in Neuroscience from Cornell and worked in pharmaceuticals before coming to McLean. Finally, Ally Kim, who joined the lab last year as an academic credit student is now a part-time laboratory assistant working on data visualization and individual differences.

April 2019

We are delighted to start a new R01 project funded by the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, together with Dr. Naomi Chaytor at Washington State University. The project will use digital sensors and smartphone-based cognitive assessments to understand the relationship between glucose and cognitive functioning, in adults with Type 1 Diabetes.

February 2019

We just launched the official Twitter account for Follow us @TestMyBrain!

January 2019

New year, new faces! Welcome to our new undergraduate lab assistants: Emilia Pozo (Brandeis) and Luna An (Wellesley). Emilia and Luna will be working on projects related to the Global Phenotyping Initiative funded by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Also joining us is Ally Kim (Wellesley) who will be working on an independent study project on data visualization.

December 2018

Welcome to our newest lab members Liz Grinspoon, PhD and Yi Yi Lu! Dr. Grinspoon joins us as a data scientist and research engineer. Yi Yi will be filling the role of program coordinator for the BaCH Tech Lab as we grow. Congrats also to Lauren Rutter for her recently accepted paper in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General and lab alumnus David Dodell-Feder for his recently accepted paper in Psychological Medicine.

September 2018

Thanks to the National Institute of Aging for funding a U2C grant that supports our lab! Working with collaborators at Penn State and nationwide, we will be working to build the next generation of smartphone-based tools for mobile monitoring of cognitive change.

July 2018

Welcome to our newest lab members Eliza Huang, Delores Nwokeafor-Laz, and Niels Wright, who started as undergraduate research assistants this month. And welcome back to Eliza Passell, a former undergraduate research assistant in the lab who just rejoined us as a full-time clinical research assistant!

June 2018

Congratulations to our undergraduates Jasmine Kaduthodil, Claire Peterson, Allison Tassone, Emily Wu, Dana Zeng, Olivia Nicholson, and Eliza Passell who all graduated college this month. We can’t wait to follow your illustrious careers!

April 2018

Huge congratulations to Jasmine Kaduthodil who was just awarded a Fulbright scholarship to do research in Nepal.  The Fulbright is considered to be one of the most widely recognized and prestigious scholarships in the world.  Go Jasmine!

Congratulations also to lab alumnus, David Dodell-Feder, whose paper “Epidemiological Dimensions of Social Anhedonia” (reporting on patterns of social anhedonia in a large sample collected through was just accepted for publication in Clinical Psychological Science.

(April 3rd was a pretty good day!)

March 2018

After getting admitted just about everywhere, our own Sarah Vogel has accepted a place as a doctoral student at the Neuroscience and Education Lab in the NYU Department of Applied Psychology.  Congrats Sarah!

December 2017

Welcome to Olivia Nicholson (Tufts University), Dana Zeng (Brandeis University), Alison Tassone (Brandeis University), and Emily Wu (Brandeis University), who started as undergraduate research assistants this month!

November 2017

Welcome to the newest addition to our lab, Luke Scheuer!  Luke joins us as a recent grad from Bowdoin College, where he studied biochemistry and mathematics.

We also hosted the inaugural McLean Technology in Psychiatry Summit at Harvard Medical School, where we brought together leaders from academia, health care, and industry for two days of conversation about the emerging role of technology in psychiatry. We had over 200 attendees this year, and look forward to Summits to come!

August 2017

Welcome to Lauren Rutter (PhD, Boston University) and David Dodell-Feder (PhD, Harvard University), who started as postdoctoral research fellows this summer.   Also, three cheers for McLean Hospital for being #1 (again) in Adult Psychiatry nationwide.

July 2017

The BaCH Tech Lab and Institute for Technology in Psychiatry are organizing the Technology in Psychiatry Summit: Building a More Accessible Future. Registration is OPEN. Check out the conference website for a full program, registration information, and more.

June 2017

A warm welcome to our new BaCH Tech summer lab members: Jasmine Kaduthodil (Wellesley College), Eliza Passell (University of Chicago), and Claire Peterson (Northeastern University)!

March 2017

We are currently offering volunteer and paid research opportunities for motivated undergraduate and postgraduate students who are able to commit full or part-time during Summer 2017.  If you are interested in joining the BaCH Tech Lab  and gaining research experience in mental health, digital neuropsychology, and/or participant engagement, please contact us with your curriculum vitae and a brief cover letter describing your interests and any previous research, mental health, or technology experience.

February 2017

Save the date!  The BaCH Tech Lab and Institute for Technology in Psychiatry are organizing the Technology in Psychiatry Summit: Building a More Accessible Future.  The event will be held at the J.B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA on November 6-7, 2017.

September 2016

We are hiring a full-time postdoctoral research fellow!  Click here to learn more about the position and apply.

August 2016

The BaCH Tech Lab is officially launched within the McLean Institute for Technology in Psychiatry.  Hello World!