Step 1

The easiest way to set up Asana and Slack integration is to start in Slack. On the left side of the screen in the Conversations menu, you should see, at the button, a label that says “Apps,”  with a plus sign next to it. Click on the plus, then on View, next to the Asana icon shown (should be first, as apps are arranged alphabetically).

Step 2

This should bring up an “About this app” pane on the right side of your window. Click on “Settings.”

Step 3

This should open a new browser window that lists all the configurations in your channel (here: BaCH Tech). There should already be a few Configurations here, but you can add your own by clicking the green “Add Configuration” button below the Asana icon.

Step 4

This will direct you to a page where you can choose what channel Asana updates will be posted to. To start, choose “Privately to @[yourusername] (you)”.

Step 5

Next, you’ll have to select a workspace. For the BaCH Tech Lab, choose “Laura.” Then, specify which projects you should be able to manipulate from Slack. You can choose any or all of these.

Step 6

Choose how you want notifications of these tasks to be sent.

Step 7

Edit any other options you want(you can change these later). To finish, click Save Integration.


If you have followed these steps above, you should have successfully integrated asana to whatever channels you selected in part 5! Congratulations! You can complete the steps above again, editing as necessary to add integration.


You can type /asana help in any channel, and slackbot will give you a list of commands you can use with /asana. Specific things to remember are that if you do not specify at the time of creating the task (with [Task] to [Project] or @[personyouwanttoassign]) it will automatically be placed in your “My Tasks” folder and assigned to you. It seems that Slack cannot create unassigned tasks in Asana.


You will need the Test ID to comment on or complete a task. This ID is assigned when the task is created and is returned by Slack. It can also be found by opening the task online. The last portion of the URL (after the final “/”) is the project ID.

Integrating Slack and Asana